Declan Kane’s family are about to ride 600 kilometers from Bridgetown WA to Perth on motorised scooters dressed as superhero characters. Their mission? To raise all important awareness and funds for childhood cancer research.
This is the second year family and friends will come together for the scooter challenge. Last year, Declan rode with them in his Batman costume. Sadly, in May this year, the 8-year-old lost his life to neuroblastoma, a disease that accounts for 15 per cent of all paediatric cancer deaths in Australia.

Declan with his little brother Brodie (left) during the 2016 scooter challenge.

Despite the heartbreak of losing his son, superdad Simon Kane wasn’t about to put his spandex in storage.

“I am determined more than ever now to help find a cure and better treatment options for all childhood cancers so that other kids have a better chance of survival,” he said.

The eye-catching team will scoot for 10 days starting on the first day of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, September 1.

The team are ready for take off at the start of the 2016 scooter challenge.

“Myself, my wife Kim along with a team of family members and friends are dedicating this ride in honour of Declan,” said Simon. “Our aim is to raise awareness and funds to help all kids with childhood cancer, now and in the future.”
Anyone can join the tour for just $50 per person, per day. Those who are scooter-shy can donate directly to The Kid's Cancer Project.

“One hundred per cent of funds raised will go to The Kids’ Cancer Project,” said Simon. “This charity was chosen because of their dedication towards finding new treatments and research into all childhood cancers.”

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Donate to research and help find more effective treatments for kids with cancer.


The Kids' Cancer Project is an ACNC Registered Charity 
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