Lorraine Lea zero in on kids’ cancer

Lorraine Lea zero in on kids’ cancer

Family owned homewares business shows they have heart by funding kids' cancer research during a month long community event. 

This June, Lorraine Lea will continue its partnership with The Kids’ Cancer Project to bring hope to hundreds of families in Australia who are affected by a new childhood cancer diagnosis every year.

The family-owned linen and homewares business have long supported children with cancer through a philanthropic project close to their hearts as Adrian Ryan, Company Director, explained.
“Lorraine Lea established the Party for Kids with Cancer® fund 18 years ago in honour of my father, who lost his battle with cancer in 1999,” said Mr Ryan (pictured above right).

“I’m pleased we can continue to celebrate his life two decades on by continuing our collaboration in funding innovative research through The Kids’ Cancer Project,” he said.

The linen and homeware retailer with a heart encourages Stylists to add an extra party to their program in June - commissions from those parties would then go to the Party for Kids with Cancer® program.
Funds raised are directed to The Kids’ Cancer Project, an independent national charity supporting bold scientific research that has the greatest chance of clinical success in the improvement of treatments of childhood cancer; the disease that kills more Australian kids than any other.
Owen Finegan (pictured above left), CEO of The Kids’ Cancer Project is thrilled with the partnership, one he said is based on shared values and vision.
“The Kids’ Cancer Project is deeply grateful to have such a generous partner in Lorraine Lea,” he said. “We look forward to injecting funds raised by the warm community of Stylists into Zero for Childhood Cancer – a research project we’ve supported since 2014.”

Read more: Learn about Zero Childhood Cancer.

Last year, Independent Stylists and party hosts came together to raise more than $146,000 that was then invested into the program known to be the world’s most comprehensive child cancer personalised medicine studies to help kids like Byron. Read his story.

“The Zero Childhood Cancer project has now entered into a clinical trial phase,” said Finegan. “The team will be recruiting children with aggressive cancer into the trial every year until 2020.”

“We understand the trial is generating a wealth of new research data, including valuable molecular and genetic information about childhood cancers,” said Finegan.
This data will improve knowledge and understanding of childhood cancer that will be shared nationally and internationally to contribute to future research discoveries.
“In this way, Zero Childhood Cancer is not only benefiting children today, but will continue to benefit all children with cancer in the future,” said Finegan. “It’s something that everyone who hosts a Party for Kids with Cancer® party in June can be proud of.”

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