Oscar introduces Frankie Fire Fighter Bear

Oscar introduces Frankie Fire Fighter Bear Frankie has just arrived and can’t wait to be donated to a child in hospital.
Meet the fabulous and fearless newest addition to our bear family, Frankie the Firefighter Bear!

Frankie has just arrived and can’t wait to be donated to a child in hospital or given as a cuddly gift for someone you love.
The Kids’ Cancer Project bear program started in 2009 and over 70 hospitals across Australia are now giving bears to their brave young patients.

In the past year over 24,000 bears were given to children comforting them during their time in hospital and remaining a friend for life.

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Sophie was just three years old when diagnosed with high risk stage IV neuroblastoma and, according to mum Kimberley, the soft and comforting teds make a difficult time bearable.
“Sophie absolutely loves collecting the bears. Some were bought for her as gifts but most were given thanks to people donating bears to hospitals," said Kimberley. 

“We would like to say thank you so much for giving children something to look forward to. Particularly children like Sophie who spend so much time in hospital being treated for cancer,” she said.
“Frankie was named through a popular vote and we are so glad to have him in our family,” said Oscar Bear, the founding member of the bear program.
There are twelve bears to collect which can be purchased or donated to children in hospital all supporting childhood cancer research.

Donate to research and help find more effective treatments for kids with cancer.