Australian and New Zealand Children's Haematology/Oncology Group (ANZCHOG)

Australian and New Zealand Children's Haematology/Oncology Group (ANZCHOG) Increasing access to clinical trials to help children with cancer.
The Kids' Cancer Project is collaborating with paediatric oncology healthcare professionals to increase access to clinical trials and progress national research initiatives to help children with cancer.
In a statement today, Owen Finegan, Chief Executive of The Kids’ Cancer Project said he was pleased to support the Australian and New Zealand Children’s Haematology/Oncology Group (ANZCHOG).
"With our support, ANZCHOG will open new international clinical trials in Australia, facilitate the development of a national network of tumour banks, and coordinate standardised collection of important paediatric cancer data at Australian children’s cancer centres,” he said. 
ANZCHOG is the professional organisation representing children’s cancer specialists and other healthcare professionals caring for children and young people with cancer. Their goal is to improve outcomes for these children and adolescents by facilitating access to cutting edge clinical trials and promoting other quality research.
“We’re thrilled to work with The Kids’ Cancer Project. With their support we can open more international clinical trials and provide access to new treatments and therapies for Australian children and young people diagnosed with cancer,” said Dr Chris Fraser, ANZCHOG Chair.
The partnership with ANZCHOG supports The Kids’ Cancer Project’s commitment to helping children with cancer through collaboration and sharing knowledge with research institutions and clinicians.
“We’re driven by the needs of kids with cancer and their families," said Mr Finegan. "Research is all about collaborating with partners, responding to the needs of the childhood cancer community and ensuring we are making a difference where it matters."
The Kids’ Cancer Project will continue to search for and support research and projects that provide better ways to diagnose, treat and cure childhood cancer and improve the quality of life for survivors.
Read more about the initiatives:
1. Support broader access to clinical trials in Australia. 
Participation in clinical trials is internationally accepted as standard of care in paediatric oncology. For Australian children and adolescents, access to international studies is essential but can be challenging with the expensive and complex establishment and administration that is required to open a trial
2. Establish a national Bio-banking network under the auspices of ANZCHOG to promote paediatric cancer research. 
Paediatric bio-banks collect and store tumour samples that are then made available to research projects in Australia and the rest of the world. As childhood cancers are rare, the availability of samples is crucial to support a research study.
The establishment of a national network of bio-banks will allow access to tissue samples and promote cooperation and best practice across all children’s cancer centres and research institutions.
3. Establishment of a standard data-set for Australian children’s cancer centres. 
ANZCHOG will undertake critical project work to identify standardised data for collection across Australian children’s cancer centres to determine priority areas of research need, increase clinical trial participation and identify focus areas for trial development with international consortiums.

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