Institute: Royal Hobart Hospital 
Recipient: Associate Professor John Heath
Funding: $140,000 July 2017 to June 2019
Funding partner: This project is supported by AMCA
Establishing an evidence based clinical service and clinical trials program for Tasmanian children with cancer.
For many years, children and adolescents/young adults with cancer in the Apple Isle needed to travel interstate or overseas to take part in clinical trials resulting in months of being away from home, placing pressure on families and finances.

This landmark funding allows for the services of a clinical trials co-ordinator (or research associate) who will work within the Tasmanian Health Service to facilitate the paediatric oncology clinical service and trials program.

Not only does the establishment of this program have the greatest opportunity to reduce illness-related morbidity and mortality for children with cancer living in the state, it will also enable successful benchmarking against other centres caring for children with cancer in Australia.

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