Recipient: Professor Jennifer Byrne and Rose Boutros
Institute: Kids Cancer Alliance
Funding: $482,891 July 2015 to June 2021
Human cancer biospecimens are essential for cancer research and the translation of discoveries to patients. 
Tumour banking provides clinical samples for research and clinical trials, and is therefore an essential part of the search to find cures for childhood cancer. 

This project represents a formal collaboration between nine biobanks and their associated institutions, and includes representatives from all major treatment centres in Australia and New Zealand. 

The National Tumour Biobanking Network will lead to the standardised collection and storage of tumour samples and clinical data linkage across all Australian and New Zealand paediatric centres, and build processes to enhance the ease of access to tumour samples. High-quality, consistent biobanking is an important driver of both national and international research collaborations, thereby supporting research capacity, and ultimately benefiting young cancer patients.
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