Dr Geoff McCowage is a Paediatric Oncologist and Senior Staff Specialist at The Children's Hospital at Westmead. 
He has created a podcast series including lots of information about childhood cancer and its treatments. To listen, head to SoundCloud or iTunes and search for, "Understanding Childhood Cancer with Dr Geoff". 

Here's a transcript of the video message above from Dr Geoff. 

Now, if you happen to want to learn more about childhood cancer and particularly about rhabdomyosarcoma but all of the other cancers as well, I actually have a podcast. And it’s mostly been recorded for the parents of children that we’re treating, but it goes through, in pretty plain English, descriptions of all the different types of cancer, and all the different drugs and side-effects.

Look for “Understanding Childhood Cancer with Dr Geoff” and you’ve got to spell Geoff properly. G. E. 0. F. F.

So, “Understanding Childhood Cancer with Dr Geoff” and there’s about 75 episodes on my podcast and you can listen to the ones that you might think are interesting.


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