Join the three year power pledge 2019 - 2022

If you never stop asking "why" and "what if" when it comes to children's cancer, we ask that you consider joining a select group of people who can help us fund one very important study. 

Professor Brandon Wainwright is on a mission to find kinder, more effective cures for paediatric brain cancer. What he and his team at the University of Queensland will discover over the next three years has the potential of not only changing treatment regimes, but will change the lives of countless children and families. Read about the research here.

The Power Pledge is an annual commitment to donating upwards of $500 annually. It's generous support for vital funding like this that will propel our mission to support bold scientific research that has the greatest chance of clinical succes in the improvement of treatments of childhood cancer. 
Results of Professor Wainwright's work will determine how this CDK4/6 can be effectively incorporated into existing treatment and will provide the evidence needed to justify a new children’s brain cancer clinical trial.

“My goal is to cure children of this awful illness and put my team out of a job. Thanks to The Kids’ Cancer Project, this could become a reality.”
Professor Brandon Wainwright
Director, University of Queensland Institute for Molecular Bioscience

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Together we can end childhood cancer.
The only way to improve outcomes for children with cancer is through advances in medical research. Every day and every donation takes us closer to a cure.
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