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Science is a long game and your generous support is crucial to enabling pioneering researchers like Dr Michelle Henderson to continue their vital work. By donating $1,000 or more each year for three years, we can power ahead and achieve our vision of one hundred per cent survival of all children with cancer sooner. Discover the impact of our 2019 Power Pledge study.

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Dr Michelle Henderson is a senior scientist at the Children’s Cancer Institute and joint manager of the Molecular Diagnostics Group.

She is excited about the potential of her work that stands to result in a more gentle and effective therapy for children at greatest risk.

Along with a team of colleagues and collaborators, Dr Henderson is investigating which sub-types of leukaemia are most likely to respond to a newly discovered drug. But it all relies on long-term funding.

“We have currently reached a ceiling where the chemotherapy options that work for most kids cannot be successfully used to cure the particularly aggressive cases.”

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