On a crisp spring morning thirty young walkers in six teams met to walk twenty kilometres inspired by Alex, a childhood cancer survivor to support The Kids’ Cancer Project.
Alex addressed the walkers before their departure, thanking them for their fundraising efforts and commitment to making a difference for kids like him affected by childhood cancer. 
“Thank you all so much for getting up early on Sunday morning to walk 20K’s for kids fighting cancer. It’s a really great cause, The Kids’ Cancer Project and one that is very personal to me,” said Alex.
Not to be too serious, Alex then stirred and rallied everyone with his infectious wit and banter “Granted I’m not walking it, I’ll be sitting in a café somewhere... But I’ll be thinking of you though!”
The kids were eager to start and less than ten minutes on the track they were no longer visible in the dense but beautiful bushlands in the Kuring-Gai Chase National Park; it wasn’t too long before the first co-ee’s could be heard along the track.
The first ten kilometres were completed relatively quickly, with the last teams crossing in timely fashion of two hours and forty-five minutes.
The walk was challenging, with a couple of the participants developing blisters but they pushed on.
Percy, a school friend of Alex’s was determined to finish, “I had blisters before the end of the 10K mark and I got bandaged up. I was walking pretty slowly by the end, but I wasn’t going to give up. Alex has been through a lot worse.”
Thanks to World Youth Adventures for initiating and hosting Youth4Youth Challenge and the six teams who raised over $10,000 for childhood cancer research!

The Kids' Cancer Project is an ACNC Registered Charity 
ABN 13 061 138 181 | CFN 10581