Australian-first childhood cancer comic book for children launched.

A cancer diagnosis is tough to absorb for anyone, but for children it can be a particularly confusing and distressing time.
The Kids’ Cancer Project, in collaboration with Medikidz, has launched an Australian-first educational comic book designed to explain medical information about childhood cancer in a format that children will understand and engage with.
The comic book Medikidz Explain Childhood Cancer is based on the real life story  of Alex La Rossa, aged 17 from Sydney who was diagnosed with cancer at 13. Alex has finished his treatment but his journey is not over. He continues to manage the effects resulting from cancer treatments and recently had a double hip replacement.
As a result of his own experience, Alex is passionate about helping other children with a cancer diagnosis.
“I hope that having this resource available to schools and communities affected by childhood cancer helps to explain what’s happening to kids like me; so when we do return to school the transition can be a smooth as possible.”
The book was reviewed by Oncology Specialist Dr Luciano Dalla-Pozza, Head of The Cancer Centre and Staff Specialist at the Children’s Hospital, Westmead and supported by the Paul Newman Foundation.
Dr Dalla-Pozza believes that the comic book will not only benefit children diagnosed with cancer and their immediate families, but also their wider network.
“This Australian-first educational comic explains childhood cancer in a format that children can understand and engage with and will help alleviate some common held myths,” explained Dr Dalla-Pozza.
Col Reynolds, Founder of The Kids’ Cancer Project is proud of the initiative and the Medikidz collaboration that has led to the creation of this valuable tool.
“This comic and Alex’ story is a unique tool to educate the public about this indiscriminate and insidious disease while also highlighting the vital role medical research is playing in improving the outcomes for children with cancer.”
The comic book will be available to hospitals, schools and the wider community through The Kids’ Cancer Project.  
Visit bit.ly/medikidz-alex to order Medikidz explain Childhood Cancer.

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