Childhood cancer research could accelerate following an election announcement on 31 May by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

A re-elected Turnbull Coalition Government will invest $20 million to help national research initiative Zero Childhood Cancer.


The Kids’ Cancer Project is part of a collaborative group already supporting the Zero Childhood Cancer project, which was launched last September.

“This is one of the most promising research projects in Australia right now,” said Owen Finegan, Chief Executive of The Kids’ Cancer Project.

“This project will offer a personalised approach to children with the highest risk of treatment failure that now has real potential to be rolled out nationally,” said Owen.

The Zero Childhood Cancer project is an initiative of the Children’s Cancer Institute and the Sydney Children’s Hospital Network, with collaborative partners.
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Professor Michelle Haber AM, Chief Executive of the Children’s Cancer Institute who heads up the inititive said the support from partners is invaluable.

"It has certainly meant we have made great progress but this is an ambitious, complex program with significant costs," she said. 

"We anticipate the total costs for the full national program to 2020 will be more than $50M which means every dollar, from the government for capital equipment and infrastructure matched with community support for scientists and consumables, is critical,” said Professor Haber. 

The project will target children with the highest risk of treatment failure or relapse, such as those with brain cancer. Childhood cancer is different to adult cancer and this project aims to negate a one size fits all approach and effectively treat the twenty percent of children facing few treatment options.

“The Kids’ Cancer Project is proud to be a funding partner in this initiative and welcomes the financial commitment should a Coalition Government be re-elected in July,” said Owen. 
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