Owen Finegan joined The Kids’ Cancer Project as CEO in April 2015 and is proud of the determined stance the team is taking against childhood cancer.
But it’s the charity’s strategy to provide seed funding to the most innovative scientific studies in the country that truly sets it apart.
“The business world has venture capitalists to help kickstart early-stage businesses,” he said. “The children’s cancer research world has The Kids’ Cancer Project.”
“Our funding gives scientists an opportunity to try out their bold ideas and get some data behind them that can lead to substantial additional funding from other organisations.”
The former Wallaby said support from the charity also is effectively doubled in many cases through partnership with likeminded organisations and Cancer Australia's Priority-driven Collaborative Cancer Research Scheme.  
“By selectively partnering with the federal government and other charities on several studies each year, we’re able to help researchers move quickly and aggressively to pursue new avenues that we trust are going to make a real difference.”
“From lab-based science, right through to the bedside with clinical trials, we are supporting a lot of vital, exciting, innovative work,” said Finegan.
“I am constantly amazed by the generosity of our community,” he continued. “Our regular givers allow us to have a greater impact on funding this bold science. Thank you so very much. Every little bit counts toward reaching our goal of 100% survival.”
Donate to research and help find more effective treatments for kids with cancer.

The Kids' Cancer Project is an ACNC Registered Charity 
ABN 13 061 138 181 | CFN 10581