The Kids’ Cancer Project received more than $25M in research proposals over the next five years from all major paediatric cancer research hubs in Australia as part of the 2016-2017 grant application process which closed in April.
As part of the grants review process, The Kids’ Cancer Project has appointed a Research Advisory Committee (RAC) which comprises world leading experts in childhood cancer research.

Professor Peter Smith, Chair of the RAC explains, “The RAC members are committed to assisting the Board in selecting, overseeing and conducting ongoing reviews of the research The Kids’ Cancer Project invests in, to ensure consistent quality outcomes”.

Such unprecedented large number of applications highlights the urgent need for more funding to be allocated to childhood cancer research. With less of 1% of total NHMRC grants from the Government invested into childhood cancer research, philanthropy is integral to the many life-saving projects which would otherwise never be undertaken.

“We are excited by the quality of the sixty eight applications received in our research funding round,” said Owen Finegan Chief Executive of The Kids’ Cancer Project.

“We’re one hundred percent dedicated and committed to funding childhood cancer research that will help children sooner not later. We will continue to search for and support research that looks for better ways to diagnose, treat and cure childhood cancer, providing hope for the future and a better quality of life for survivors”.

This is where community and corporate support can really make a difference. The Kids’ Cancer Project relies on the generosity of the community and currently supports 15 research projects and is preparing to allocate more than $4 million pending the RAC recommendations.

Cancer remains the leading causes of death of children and many survivors face serious long term adverse health effects, caused by either the cancer itself or as a result of treatment.

The RAC will convene in Sydney on 16-17 June to shortlist their recommendations to the Board of Directors and awarded grants are expected to be announced in July.
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