We’re thrilled to welcome Tim Blair, from Devonport Tasmania to our City2Surf team on Sunday 14 August.

Tim was inspired by children with cancer and their families who participated in the City2Surf team in 2015 and wanted to join them.

“Seeing Zach and Alex and their families last year really inspired me to put my running shoes on and head up to Sydney for the City2Surf. I like to run and knowing I’m directly helping these inspirational kids is the perfect motivation for me,” said Tim on his recent visit to The Kids’ Cancer Project office.

Tim is an experienced runner and community advocate who has fundraised for fifteen years and recently formalised his commitment to helping kids by establishing the Tim Blair Run for Kids Foundation in 2014.

Thanks to generous community support, Tim has donated more than $160,000 to sick children in Tasmania and the Foundation has committed $20,000 a year to childhood cancer research, through The Kids’ Cancer Project.

Tim is no stranger to Bondi Beach having kick started his relationship with The Kids Cancer Project by running from Bluff, Tasmania to Bondi in 2014.  Tim and his running companion Shane Taylor covered 960 kilometres across 3 states in 8 days.

“Tim is one incredible human being who decided to step up and be counted and I am so thrilled he has joined us in the largest fun run in the world,” said Col Reynolds, Founder of The Kids’ Cancer Project.

The Tim Blair Run for Kids Foundation has a simple message.

“It doesn’t matter how fast you are, how fit you are or whether you can even run. We all have something to offer. The point is to step up and to do something to help your community,” said Tim.

The Kids’ Cancer Project and the Run for Kids Foundation will launch an exciting initiative in 2017 to take this message to school children nationally. Project Kids aims to empower students to step up and contribute to their community and promotes the importance of physical activity, self-esteem and thinking of others.


The Kids' Cancer Project is an ACNC Registered Charity 
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