Our funding leads to an $18 million investment.

The Kids’ Cancer Project continues to participate in areas of greatest impact, funding innovative research programs with the ultimate goal of bringing about one hundred percent survival for children with cancer. Our priorities include improving treatments and minimising their harmful impacts, building capacity and improving a child’s quality of life.
In 2015, The Kids’ Cancer Project funded fifteen research projects across Australia with a total investment of over $4,000,000. Our commitment to excellence in funding the best research is only achievable with the wonderful support of our donors and supporters.
The Kids’ Cancer Project collaborate with like-minded organisations to be Australia’s leading provider of funding for childhood cancer research across the best institutions in Australia. We work with clinicians, researchers, families, corporate, government and the community to significantly improve the investment into childhood cancer nationally.
“We are proud to announce this support goes beyond meeting the financial costs of the projects. It allows researchers to produce fundamental data that is necessary in order to secure larger and very prestigious grants from funding agencies such as the National Health and Medical Research Council and Cancer Council NSW,” said Dr Alessandra Bray, Research Manager at The Kids’ Cancer Project.
In 2015, funding from The Kids’ Cancer Project has allowed our funded researchers to secure more than $14,000,000 in additional grants, over three times the value of our investment.
We congratulate A/Prof Claire Wakefield, who leads the Re-engage program at the Kids Cancer Centre. The Kids’ Cancer Project funding of this late effects initiative of $300,000 over three years has allowed A/Prof Wakefield to achieve a very competitive research grant from Cancer Council of NSW to the value of $2,245,746 which will enable the expansion of the ground breaking Re-engage program.
A/Prof Wakefield says “The application for the Cancer Council NSW grant was significantly strengthened by the work already carried out and our capacity to deliver the core elements of the project thanks to The Kids’ Cancer Project funds.”
Re-engage is an innovative program that aims to help childhood cancer survivors identify their risk factors and improve their physical and emotional health. With the improvements in survival rates for childhood cancer in recent years there needs to be an increased focus on survivorship programs.
Late-effects are a research priority of The Kids’ Cancer Project and the charity is committed to funding world-class research that translates into results for children suffering cancer and survivors of childhood cancer treatments.

The Kids' Cancer Project is an ACNC Registered Charity 
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