Institute: Telethon Kids Institute
Recipient: Professor Ursula Kees and Dr Rishi Kotecha
Funding: $475,217 July 2014 to June 2018

A world-first project to urgently find new treatments for infants with iALL.
Researchers led by Professor Ursula Kees are determined to improve survival rates and reduce the side effects that follow intensive and toxic treatments given to children with cancer.

Current treatment for paediatric ALL can include a combination of as many as ten drugs and several treatment phases to attain complete and continued remission. Despite this, infants diagnosed with ALL during early-life (aged less than three months) face a survival rate of only thirty per cent 

This iALL project has identified and will further characterise the effectiveness FDA-approved drugs currently not used to treat infants with leukaemia READ MORE. The findings from this research can be implemented into the design of future clinical trials.
“This funding will ultimately allow us to rigorously test anti-cancer drugs so the best possible treatments reach the clinic and improve the outcomes of our very young patients with leukaemia.” - Telethon Kids Institute
Science is the solution for kids with cancer
The only way to improve outcomes for children diagnosed with cancer is through advances in medical research. Every day and every donation takes us closer to a cure.
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The Kids' Cancer Project is an ACNC Registered Charity 
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