Institute: UNSW Australia
Recipient: A/Prof Claire Wakefield
Funding: $300,381 from July 2015 to June 2018
Re-Engage: A patient-centred program for survivors of childhood cancer.

Over 90% of children who survive cancer will develop at least one life-threatening or life-altering chronic condition due to the intense cancer treatments administered to their developing organs. 

Many late effects of paediatric cancer treatment are modifiable through prevention, or early detection and intervention, emphasising the importance of risk-based care of young survivors.

Providing comprehensive long term follow-up care to childhood cancer survivors is, however, complex. Their need for specialised care spans decades and life stages (adolescence, parenthood, middle and old age).

The Re-Engage program, led by Dr Claire Wakefield at the Kids Cancer Centre, Sydney Children's Hospital Randwick and supported by The Kids’ Cancer Project, will offer young survivors who currently access no cancer follow up care a novel and low-burden intervention to identify their risk factors and improve their physical and emotional health.

This innovative program will utilise state of the art e-technology to alleviate the disadvantages of geography, costs and also empower survivors as they transition through care settings. Re-Engage aims to ensure that survivors receive optimal care after cancer, improve their knowledge of late effects and adhere to the recommended medical follow-ups.    
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