Science is the solution for kids like Alex

It’s 25 years since The Kids’ Cancer Project started. While medical research has come a long way, there’s further to go. This Easter we are putting a spotlight on brain cancer. Survival rates are so low; this specific disease is responsible for more childhood deaths than any other.

Twelve years ago, Alex Rizzo was diagnosed with medulloblastoma - a tumour that develops in the cerebellum; the area at the back of the brain that controls movement and coordination. His was an aggressive tumour that had spread down his spinal cord. 

As a 15-year-old high school student today, Alex doesn’t allow the disease he had as a small child define him. However, he will live with the side-effects of treatment for the rest of his life. Read more.
Please give this Easter so kids like Alex get the right treatment for them.

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*Children aged 0 - 18 years.

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A one-off donation is great, but a regular donation enables us to make long-term plans and increase funding to the best childhood cancer researchers.

Get with the bear program

Our adorable teddy bears have unique personalities and are guaranteed to generate smiles. Buy as a gift or donate them anonymously to children in hospital.

Trek and Travel

Join a group of like-minded travellers and venture outside your comfort zone to return with a refreshing new perspective. 



Meet Grace, the five-year-old survivor and fundraiser. All who know her say she's quite a character. We share her courageous story.


Proceeds of YPURA Natural Spring Water, featuring colourful artwork created by children diagnosed with cancer, will support childhood cancer research.

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Does your organisation want to do something meaningful for the community? Contact us to create a tailored partnership that meets your needs and ours.

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Science is the solution for kids like Alex
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