"Anyone can help, awareness leads to fundraising which leads to research which leads to a cure, it's a chain reaction. Small things turn to big things."

~ Charlotte Forwood ~
12 years old

70% of Australians are unaware that more kids die from cancer than any other disease. 

Be a voice for kids with cancer.

1. Share the Care

Engage with us on social media and invite your networks to do the same:

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2. Gold Ribbon Twibbon

Add this Gold Ribbon Twibbon to your Facebook or Twitter profile pic:


3. Post your Support

Tweet your support:
Be a hero for kids with cancer this September and visit bit.ly/be-a-hero-2016 today. #KidsCancerisDifferent #ResearchGivesHope #CCAM2016

Post on Facebook:
I'm supporting Childhood Cancer Awareness month this September. Be a hero for kids with cancer and visit bit.ly/be-a-hero-2016 today. 
#KidsCancerisDifferent #ResearchGivesHope #CCAM2016

4. Wear a Gold Ribbon


5. Newsletter

Ask your school or organisation if you can include the following copy into their print or email newsletter:

"September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. Join The Kids’ Cancer Project in honouring these children who are fighting cancer, those who have sadly lost their fight and the community that supports them and their families.

We are inspired by the kids, mums and dads, siblings, grandparents, schools, cyclists, runners, swimmers, trekkers and community members who are choosing to make a difference.

We thank these heroes, whose actions big or small, are making an impact for children with cancer by helping fund ground breaking research."


6. Engage your Local, State and Federal Ministers

Letter to Member of Parliament example:

Dear ____________,

I write to you today as a resident of your electorate to let you know that September is International Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

And I would like to draw to your attention 7 Facts you should know about Childhood Cancer today.

Quick Facts:
- Childhood cancer is different to adult cancer
- Childhood cancer is the leading cause of death from disease in Australian children
- 3 families hear the words “Your child has cancer”everyday
- Some types of childhood cancer have less than 50% survival rates
- 90% of survivors of childhood cancer will develop chronic health conditions as a result of their cancer treatments
- Research is the only way to improve treatments and survivorship for children with cancer
- Community donations are essential in order to improve cure rates and fund better treatments

September is a time to honour these children and their families, please join us by:
- Wearing a gold ribbon
- Sharing through social media 
- Raising awareness
- Attend our events

If you would like further information, please visit www.goldribbon.org.au

Yours faithfully, 

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Together we can end childhood cancer.
The only way to improve outcomes for children with cancer is through advances in medical research. Every day and every donation takes us closer to a cure.
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