A unique opportunity to enjoy a meal with some of Australia’s sporting legends while raising funds for childhood cancer research.

This lively annual luncheon event honours children with cancer and the community that supports them as part of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. 

Event Information

Friday, 28 September 2018
Sydney Cricket Ground - The Noble Dining Room
Level Two of the MA Noble Grandstand
Moore Park Road
Moore Park NSW 2021
12pm to 4pm
Contact Owen Finegan or Kim Babbage 1800 651 158 for details.

For more information email: info@tkcp.org.au

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do funds raised go?
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Neuroblastoma, the most common solid tumour of young children, frequently presents with aggressive metastatic disease and for these children the 5-year survival rates are dismal.
Recently, research by Prof Maria Kavallaris’ group  at the Children’s Cancer Institute and funded by The Kids’ Cancer Project has shown that a protein called stathmin facilitates metastasis of neuroblastoma cells.
Thanks to funding of $100,000, a Postdoctoral Fellowship can further develop this project  and gain better understanding of the role that specific DNA sequences play in regulating metastasis and potentially develop new targeted therapies.
Click here for full details on the research projects we fund.

Who do I contact for more information?
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For more information, please contact Kim on 02 8394 7712 or email to kim@tkcp.org.au

Looking for fundraising merchandise available?

Gold Ribbons - 3 pack
Gold Ribbons - 3 pack
$7.50 incl postage and handling
Gold Ribbons -100 pack
Gold Ribbons -100 pack
$210.00 incl postage and handling

The Kids' Cancer Project is an ACNC Registered Charity 
ABN 13 061 138 181 | CFN 10581