Fundraising for The Kids’ Cancer Project makes YOU a community champion for kids’ cancer.
Creating your own fundraiser is easy! Raise money offline by collecting cash donations or be the host of an event. Or you can collect donations online through a fundraising page. Why not do both!

Whatever you choose, our dedicated fundraising team are here to help you every step of the way.

Fundraising Ideas

Dress up competition
Choose a day to hold a competition for the best dressed superhero and collect gold coin donations to participate.
Activity: Write about your hero!
Ask people to write about their hero, collecting gold coin donations for everyone who participates.

Colouring in competition
Download our Orlando Pirate Bear colouring in sheet collecting gold coins for entry to see who colours best.

Have an idea of your own?
We want to hear your ideas for fundraising! Call us toll-free on 1800 651 58 or email
Watch how these amazing kids are helping kids with cancer
"We are just two kids, who wanted to do something to help our baby brother and kids like him. We shaved our heads to raise money. Our original goal was $1000 and to date we have raised $135,000! We’re grateful to everyone that supported and donated. We’re proud that we raised awareness and more people now know kids get cancer too, but we aren't doing enough to stop this from happening – everyone can get involved."

- Luke & Charlotte Forwood, NSW

Fundraising Offline
Host a fundraising event or activity of your choice and collect cash donations, selling raffle tickets, selling tickets to an event etc. You simply forward funds raised to us once your fundraiser is complete.
To fundraise offline, complete an Agreement to Fundraise Form and return it to us for approval.
Fundraising Online
An easy one-stop shop to collect credit card donations, promote your efforts and show a running tally of the funds you have raised using an online fundraising page.
Each donation made will be recorded on your webpage, along with messages from your friends and family and of course your supporters will be sent a tax deductible receipt.
To fundraise online, simply click here to create a page and start fundraising today.
Before you start fundraising for The Kids’ Cancer Project, please read our Fundraising Guidelines to make sure your fundraising idea is suitable and complies with the necessary legal requirements in your state.
Once you have registered your fundraiser, you will receive a Welcome Pack from The Kids' Cancer Project complete with all of the fundraising support, tips, and tools you will need to make your fundraiser a great success!

Frequently Asked Questions

I would like to fundraise, how do I get started?
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First you’ll need to decide how you would like to fundraise. You can either JOIN AN EXISTING FUNDRAISER by choosing to get involved in an existing events, or CREATING YOUR OWN FUNDRAISER - an event/activity of your choice, or by selecting from one of our suggested ideas. Once you have decided, simply register with us and we’ll help you get started.
Can you give me some fundraising ideas?
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Yes, please register your interest in fundraising for us, and we will provide you with a Fundraising Kit complete with ideas, tools and support materials to inspire you and help you get started. Alternatively, you can call us on 1800 651 158.
Do I need to register my fundraiser with The Kids’ Cancer Project?
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Yes, under the 1991 Charitable Fundraising Acts, any individual or groups wishing to fundraise for The Kids’ Cancer Project must register, including date, venue/s, and type of fundraising being conducted. Before you start to fundraise, you must register your fundraiser with us.
How do I register my fundraiser with The Kids’ Cancer Project?
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Please return a completed to us via email – or mail to: Attn Fundraising – The Kids’ Cancer Project, PO Box 6400, Alexandria NSW 2018.
Once we have received your form and approved your fundraiser, we will provide you with an Authority to Fundraise Letter and support materials to help make your fundraising a great success.
Or, if you wish to fundraise online, simply go to and create a fundraising page to get started today.
Who do I contact at TKCP for questions/support with my fundraising?
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For more information, please call Pip on 1800 651 58 or email
Be a hero and make a difference for kids with cancer today!