Our heroes are kids with cancer and those who strive to make their world a better place.

Conrad & Alix
After Conrad's daughter Alix was diagnosed with melanoma, he decided to raise funds for The Kids' Cancer Project by cycling in the 2012 Alpine Classic. After she completed her treatment, she made it a goal to eventually join her dad in his fundraising efforts.

Here they are, father and daughter, after completing their first Audax Alpine Challenge together earlier this year. "It was an amazing feeling to be able to give back by raising funds and awareness for other kids still fighting their cancers." ~ Alix
Josh & Evie
"The most inspirational person I have ever met is my 5 year old daughter, Evie. To watch her battle cancer and still smile throughout has given me perspective and taught me what really matters in life." ~ Josh

“The memories of that time are still very painful for me and my family. The impact on my family was immense and is still felt today. Life as you know it is never the same. Childhood cancer saps so much. All of us ache for his life cut short and the future Ross never had. It’s something no family should ever have to live through.” - Laura (far right, pictured here with fellow trekkers, Kim, Ingrid and Gwen)

Laura Cantrell trekked the Great Wall of China last year in memory of her little brother Ross, who was diagnosed with neuroblastoma in 1981. Back then, cancer of the brain and central nervous system was quite literally a death sentence. Today, thanks to medical research, the odds for children are significantly higher and fifty percent of children diagnosed with high risk neuroblastoma will survive.

“Kurt was such a great kid and I was honoured to be his mum” says Penny. Kurt sadly passed away from Acute Myeloid Leukeamia at just 15 years young.

But out of this tragedy every year is mum, dad, family and friends choose to honour and remember his strength, quick wit and humour by chain skiing one day every year at Falls Creek. Kurt loved snowboarding and dressing up as Superman, so this year they dressed up in superman t-shirts in his memory.
Archie & Remi
“Being a sibling of someone diagnosed with cancer is tough, let alone it being your three year old brother. I could only imagine how tough it was for Archie. It’s really hard to watch someone you love and care about go through cancer, I wish no other family would go through what we went through.” ~ Remi 
Tom, high school teacher
"16hrs and 44minutes! Jellyfish stings, violently ill, incredibly rough weather, swimming against the current. But we did It. I emphasise the whole time I thought of my inspiration, the amazing Forwood family, Wong family and Robertson family. I harnessed much greater struggles they have faced and are facing for my 16hr struggle." - Tom 

High school teacher, Tom set his sights on completing the Ocean's Seven and has chosen to do so in the name of charity, raising over $20,000 toward childhood cancer research. He's the first Aussie to complete 2 ocean swims in 7 days, the Catalina Island Swim and the Molokai Channel, a total of 74kms in 28 hours. 
Deni, India & Portia
"When Deni was first diagnosed, it was a really confusing time for India and I. We didn’t quite know how serious it was until Deni had her brain surgery.

Our family was so lucky to get the opportunity to travel to America for the best treatment possible for Deni. For me, visiting Saint Jude Children’s Research Hospital was amazing learning experience. It made me realise not only how lucky I was but also how important and vital research in to childhood cancer is.

Deni is happy and healthy today because of research and we are so so thankful for that!"
~ Portia, aged 15
Dr. David Ziegler
“We’re starting to make some really exciting discoveries. Drugs which we would never have expected to have any effect on these tumours, when we picked them in the right combinations, we’re seeing some really exciting effects."

~ Dr David Ziegler Paediatric Oncologist, Sydney Children’s Hospital Randwick

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