We’re an independent national charity dedicated to supporting childhood cancer research.

Like our founder, Col Reynolds,
we are passionate.

Like the kids and families that inspire us,
we are relentless.

Like the brave scientists pioneering breakthrough research, we are bold.
Like the generous community that supports us, we are united against kids' cancer.

We believe every child is worth fighting for.


Cancer is a tough enemy. It’s even tougher when kids’ lives are at stake. They’re brave and relentless and they need our help.

The Kids’ Cancer Project is helping through research.

Thanks to community support we collaborate with talented scientists to fund the boldest research and every day we’re getting closer to defeating this indiscriminate disease.

We've committed over $34 million to childhood cancer research and we will never give up.

We advocate one hundred percent survival for all children with cancer with minimal or no effects from the harmful treatments. Please join with us and help the kids fight back.

Thanks to generous community support, we are funding ground breaking research.


$36 million

committed to childhood cancer research since 1993

$4.4 million

invested in 2015 - 2016


on 2014 - 2015
Be a hero and make a difference for kids with cancer today!